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Training with Kristy Ellis

Personal Training Prices

1-1 Personal Training

Our 1-1 personal training and group personal training memberships are charged on a monthly basis but to help you compare your options we've included the equivalent price per session. Payments are made by Direct Debit and can be up- or downgraded as long as you let us know by the 20th of the month.

  Bronze Silver Gold
  1 a week 2 a week 3 a week
1 Person £40 £173  £38 £329 £36 £468
2 Person £26 £112 £25 £216 £24 £312
3 Person £20 £86 £19 £164 £18 £234

Paid monthly in advance. PPPS : per person per session, PCM : per person per month

Group Personal training

Our small group personal training sessions are great for people who enjoy training with others, need extra motivation and support than you get in a gym but can't afford 1-1 personal training sessions - there is always a fun and friendly atmosphere and everyone can work at their own pace - our programmes start from as little at £12 a session.

Package Discounts

If you sign up for any of our 1-1 personal training memberships as well as some group personal training sessions we will give you 5% off the combined price. You don’t need to sign up for both at the same time; you can start with one and then add the other at a later date.

Transformation Programme

Our 8-week Transformation Programme is a one-off cost of £820. At just £34.17 a session, this is the cheapest way to get one-to-one training with us.