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New Year 2022

Have you started those new years resolutions to..
- Join a gym
- Lose weight
Many people join a gym and it doesn't last long before they stop going as they lose motivation and no one is there to keep them accountable!
We make sure we keep you motivation and accountable throughout your whole programme. In just 8 weeks you can feel fitter, healthier and stronger. Our sessions are fun and energetic in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere
Whatever your goals, we can help you to...
- Lose weight
- Improve fitness
- Improve physical health
- Improve mental wellbeing
- Increase your energy levels
- Improve confidence

All sessions will take place in our private personal training studio in Chelmsford. There is a maximum of 5 people per group so you will receive a lot of personalised help and support. We will teach you how to exercise effectively using the correct technique. You will also receive nutrition help and support and we set goals to keep you focused and motivated.

The sessions are 55 minutes long and are at the following times:

Monday at 7pm

Wednesday at 7:30pm
Thursday at 7pm
Saturday at 8:30am
Sunday at 9am

The prices of the 8-week programme are:

1 session a week - £120
2 sessions a week - £224
3 sessions a week - £312

Places are limited so please contact me NOW to reserve your place