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Willows Cottage, London Road, Chelmsford, CM2 8TG
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Kristy Ellis Personal Training Studio in Chelmsford

Personal Training Chelmsford

Our second personal training studio opened in October 2015 in Chelmsford when founder Kristy Ellis moved there from Nottingham.

Situated just off Three Mile Hill and with free parking available, the training studio is a great place to get fit while having fun. If you dislike the commercial gym atmosphere, come down and see us. We don't believe in boring and repetitive exercises or fad diets - just in developing new, healthier habits and in making exercise interesting and enjoyable. 

We have a range of equipment available, including dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, ViPR, TXR and boxing gear to name just a few. We are frequently expanding our equipment selection as the needs of our clients grow and change. Having a wide variety of training equipment means we can cater for any fitness level as well as provide varied exercise sessions that never get boring.

The trainers at our Chelmsford studio offer both individual personal training and group personal training. The group sessions never have more than 5 members taking part as this allows everyone to receive individual attention from the trainer and creates a friendly and supportive environment to train in.

Our team of personal trainers can support you in achieving your fitness goals. They can offer advice on your nutrition needs as well as guide you through your new exercise routine. If you like the idea of personal training but would prefer to work out with a friend, we also offer group PT for two or three people who would like to attend together.

For anyone looking for fast results, we also offer our Transformation Programme. This is an intensive course that lasts for 8 weeks and involves three 1-1 personal training sessions per week as well as in-depth nutrition advice.

Personal training sessions can be arranged for any time there isn't already a group class taking place. Details of current class times can be found on the timetable page and you can find out more about our trainers on our team page.

Address: Willows Cottage, London Road, Chelmsford, CM2 8TG

Directions: The studio is opposite Hylands House on London Road, which is also known as Three Mile Hill. If you come from the direction of Ingatestone, you need to continue to Widford Roundabout and go back up Three Mile Hill in the opposite direction. Coming from Chelmsford city centre, look out for a sign on the left for a piano trade centre. Turn left there and you’ll see the studio at the bottom of the drive.

Parking: You can park for free directly outside the studio.

To see how we could help you achieve your health and fitness goals, take a look at our testimonials or contact us now to claim your free consultation.

The classes are really fun and enjoyable so it never feels like a chore.

I have seen great success already through The Accelerator Programme. I like that I can go at my own pace, and the classes are really fun and enjoyable so it never feels like a chore. I didn’t take a “before” picture but can tell you I'm feeling much more toned and full of energy, even after only one month! Your programme is working for me. Thank you so much to the PTs and new friends I have made in class, who have been very welcoming and supportive

- - 5

I actually looked forward to coming each week - never thought I’d say that!

Although I have been to a personal trainer before the thought of joining somewhere new and getting back into it after a month of travelling around the world enjoying life (and cocktails!) had me feeling rather nervous. Kristy made me feel at ease in my consultation; her handy recipes and guidance documents on healthy choices have been a godsend - if you’ve not tried the Banana Oat Cakes yet give them a go they are delicious! I initially started with 1:1 sessions with Ellie which I really enjoyed. She made me feel really comfortable and always varied the exercises to make it exciting so I actually looked forward to coming each week - never thought I’d say that!. Due to session timings fitting around work, I’ve now joined the group sessions. I was sceptical at first but I’ve really enjoyed the additional social and motivational aspect of training as a group and would highly recommend the group sessions to anyone! I’m now starting to see the results myself as well as having others asking me "have you lost weight?" and feeling the satisfaction of being able to turn around and say "yes I have!". I’m looking forward to continuing my fitness journey with the Kristy Ellis Personal Training team and excited to see what my fit future holds! 

- - 5

I am really amazed and so pleased with my results even in a short space of time

After only 5 weeks of meeting Kristy and starting my personal training sessions, I can’t believe how my lifestyle and my attitude toward eating and exercise has changed. I hated most forms of exercise, I had a phobia about going to the gym - which was mainly due to my lack of confidence. However, I suffer from back pain and knew that I needed to improve my core muscles. I was also fed up with feeling tired, having no energy and was desperate to improve this.

Meeting Kristy has changed my lifestyle for the better, I finally enjoy working out, eating healthy and my friends wouldn’t believe it but, even giving up caffeine. My energy levels have improved massively. I am really feeling fit and my skin feels great. I can actually wake up in the mornings and it is no longer a struggle to get out of bed. I am really amazed and so pleased with my results even in a short space of time. I still managed to go out for meals with my family and have the odd piece of chocolate, but by making changes to my exercise and diet I feel like a new person. I would highly recommend Kristy to anyone who wants to get fitter and healthy and I’m looking forward to seeing how I look and feel in 6 months time.

- - 5

Deciding to start personal training sessions with you is the best decision i have ever made

Deciding to start personal training sessions with you is the best decision I have ever made, already I’m starting to feel a lot fitter and healthier and I am getting amazing results which are encouraging me to keep doing well.

- - 5

I've not just lost weight and inches but gained loads of confidence and strength.

I've been training with Kristy for just under 7 weeks and I've not just lost weight and inches but gained loads of confidence and strength. I'm enjoying every session, every training session is different and I always look forward to my next one. In just a short period of time, my friends and family can see a huge difference in my body shape and in my attitude. I'm much happier and wish I had started the Accelerator Programme sooner. It's all thanks to Kristy.

- - 5

After each session I feel so good.

It's been many years since I have done this type of training and I have to admit every session is hard! But I have a goal in mind and I am determined to achieve it at all cost! Thanks to you and your team I finally feel I have the support that I need to get me there. After each session I feel so good and feel I am inching closer towards where I need to be. I have a long journey ahead of me but am definitely looking forward to seeing the fitter and slimmer version of myself again! 

- - 5

I have been able to lose almost a stone and have lost 28cm from around my body.

Like most people, I was nervous to begin my twice a week 1-1 sessions. I was pleasantly surprised by the supportive nature of all the trainers. With their manageable health advice I have been able to lose almost a stone and have lost 28cm from around my body in 4 weeks. This is something I didn't think I could really achieve by myself. Since starting I have had a real burst of energy and better sleep. I feel more educated about what I am eating and ecstatic about my progress.

- - 5

It isn't just training, it's the advice which makes the difference

I am really pleased that I started one to one sessions with Kristy. She has been a fantastic motivator with training and my diet. It has made a massive difference in eating healthy and just becoming fitter. I fell so much better already! 

I would highly recommend Kristy, very professional and inspirational. It isn't just training, it's the advice which makes the difference.

- - 5