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Willows Cottage, London Road, Chelmsford, CM2 8TG
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Meet the Chelmsford Team

Kristy Ellis set up her original personal training studio in Nottingham and now she runs the second studio in Chelmsford, with the help of her fantastic team. 


I'm the owner of Kristy Ellis Personal Training. Before becoming a personal trainer, I completed a degree in Sport and Exercise Science at The University of Birmingham. I started off working at The Gym Group in Nottingham before setting up my own private personal training studio in Nottingham. I am now based in Chelmsford with another studio. 

I specialise in helping people to lose weight and lead an active and healthy lifestyle. When our clients lose weight, they also gain in confidence, gain more energy and feel fitter, healthier and happier.

I feel very passionate about helping people to become fitter and healthier. It is such a rewarding job to see how much we can change people’s lives.


After having triplets in 2008 and having no time for myself for several years afterwards, my weight ballooned and my fitness was non-existent. I decided to make a commitment to becoming healthier and fitter so that I could enjoy life with a young family and be a good role model.

I was inspired by the trainers at my gym and soon found a passion for exercise. I wanted to be able to use my new passion to be able to inspire and motivate others, so I worked hard and trained to become a personal trainer and made this my career. 

Whilst I continue my own personal journey, I love being able to help others succeed in achieving their own goals.


I have been a personal trainer since qualifying in 2011 and have worked in gyms since 2009, when I qualified as a fitness instructor.

Since becoming a personal trainer I have qualified in the following specialist courses:

  • YMCAfit Boxercise
  • YMCAfit Running Programmes
  • YMCAfit Suspension Fitness
  • Lifetime Fitness Advanced Core Stability and Conditioning

I am also a Boxercise and Body Sculpt instructor.

Exercise has been a life-long passion for me and I have always enjoyed competing in a variety of races and challenges. I have run several half marathons and completed various obstacle courses, including Nuclear Rush and a number of extreme fitness running courses.

I have always enjoyed a challenge and in recent years I have explored other areas of fitness. In April 2017 I trained and competed in a charity boxing event.


I’ve been working as a personal trainer since 2012.  After originally training as an athlete and working as a professional performer for 15 years, I decided I would like to share my skills and passion with people wanting to make a positive change in their lives.

As a level 3 personal trainer, I have worked with clients ranging from absolute beginners through to elite athletes and British champions.

Always keen to learn new and innovative exercise techniques, I also hold qualifications in advanced resistance training, kettlebell technique, functional training, core training, circuit training, sport psychology and nutrition for sport.


I have worked in gyms and health clubs since 1986 so I've seen many fitness fads come and go! Nothing has ever beaten a well-constructed exercise and nutrition programme.

Weight training has always been a passion and led me into fitness and figure competitions at national level. As a personal trainer I have assisted clients ranging from busy parents to celebrities to bikini competitors. Achieving your goals doesn’t necessarily mean spending long hours on the treadmill or stair climber. I love to show people that they needn't fear training hard to achieve the results they seek – aim high and let’s get started!