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The Little Black Dress Project

The Little Black Dress Project is going to help YOU to lose weight, be more confident about your body, have more energy and feel fitter, stronger and healthier


Here are just a few things that will happen during the next 6-weeks:

  • You will cleanse and detoxify your body of impurities, chemicals, and artificial toxins.  
  • You will create new and healthy habits to replace your not-so-sexy ones.
  • You will FINALLY kick your cravings and you will restore your body back to the way it is designed to function.
  • You will learn how easy is it to make a healthy and delicious meal so you don’t get trapped into eating something not conducive to your goals.
  • Your body will learn how to optimize its fat-burning potential so you no longer have to hide behind your clothes and can always find something to wear in your closet.
  • You will be a part of an amazing group of women working towards the same goals that you are.

Over the next 6-weeks, you will have EVERYTHING mapped out for you to be successful.

You don’t have to think about it, you just need to DO it.

You will receive...

  • Unlimited semi-private personal training sessions (max 5 people per session)
  • 6 Weeks of Clean Meal Plans (Dietician Approved)
  • Little Black Dress Signature Recipe Manual
  • Complete Little Black Dress Success Manual
  • Measurements and transformation photo
  • Regular goal setting to keep you on track
  • Regular email support
  • Motivation and accountability

All of this for just £240!

(Just £40 a week!)

Times and days of semi-private personal training sessions to be held in my private personal training studio in Chelmsford

Monday at 11am
Tuesday at 7pm
Wednesday at 1:30pm
Wednesday at 7pm
Thursday at 9:30am
Thursday at 8pm
Saturday at 8:30am

More times to be added based on demand

Contact me on for more information or to reserve your space now


Not sure whether this is right for you? Have a read below - this is from a lady who completed this programme and saw amazing results…

I signed up to the LBD project after a month of doing one session a week, I liked the thought of potentially dropping a dress size and losing weight in a short space of time. For me following a structured food plan works well as I always “conveniently forget” to track the snacks and little trips to the fridge in the evening. I also liked the idea of attending 3-4 sessions per week to improve my fitness......I didn’t realise it would change my shape for the better too.

I went into the programme focussed and determined to succeed, following the plan exactly. The first three days were hard, I was a little lethargic, but I planned a lot into my day to distract me from the lack of food during the detox days. After that it got easier, I felt clean, healthy and energised.   

I started to see results which is a massive motivational boost. I did crave a sugar binge in week 4 and had a couple of snacks but that was short lived.  The key for me was preparation, managing food around work, family and events was not a challenge as I had everything ready to go and planned my social nights around my cheat meals. I also kept thinking, this is 6 weeks of your life! The benefits will outweigh the challenges. 

There were meals I wasn’t that keen on but I gave them all a try, you can make substitutions and swap things you really don’t like. I was clueless in the beginning around where to buy some of the products or what to buy, definitely speak to the staff in health food shops for their advice for example on what protein powder to buy and where to find ingredients to some of the recipes. 

So, 6 weeks on I am a stone lighter, 12 inches smaller and I’m not thinking “yes it’s over”.....I’m eager to keep going and drop another dress size (I’ve never felt like that with any diet I’ve done before). 

Thanks to the team at Kristy Ellis Personal Training and the wonderful women I train with.