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3 Hope Drive, The Park, Nottingham, NG7 1DL
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Kristy Ellis Personal Training Studio in Nottingham

Personal Training Nottingham

The Park Fitness Studio is situated in The Park, Nottingham. It is conveniently located very close to the city centre with free on-street parking available. It is the ideal location to learn how to lose weight, get fit and achieve your goals.

We offer both individual personal training and small-group classes, which have no more than 6 participants. We also provide personal training in groups of 2 or 3, which is ideal for people who prefer to work out with a friend.

For anyone who's keen to get fit as quickly as possible, we offer our Transformation Programme. This intensive 8-week course provides three personal training sessions a week as well as detailed nutrition advice.

The Park Fitness studio consists of two interconnecting rooms that can be used as one room for our group classes, or as two separate rooms when privacy is needed for individual personal training sessions. The studio also has a back door with access to a private outside area so we can train outside when the weather allows. The Park estate itself, with its quiet location and minimal traffic, is very well suited for outdoor running sessions.

The studio is equipped with everything we need to train clients with any level of ability: we have a large range of dumbbells, 3 barbells with bumper plates, a range of kettlebells up to 24kg, a step, a stability ball, a BOSU balance trainer, a TRX and boxing gear (gloves, pads and bag). We also have a rowing machine and a cable machine.

We have a full team of personal trainers available to support you, making it possible to offer training sessions at most times of day. Take a look at our team and check out our timetable for group class times.

Address: 3 Hope Drive, The Park, Nottingham, NG7 1DL

Directions: There are several entrances to The Park but one entrance is residents-only and has a barrier. Not all satnavs take account of this, so please avoid the Castle Boulevard entrance. The entrances that allow access to non-residents are on Derby Road and Maid Marion Way (turn left up Friar Lane and go down Lenton Road, past the castle).

Parking: As a visitor to a Park business, you are free to park on the street. However, to avoid getting a parking ticket you need to display a note on your dashboard stating you are visiting Kristy Ellis at 3 Hope Drive. We will always try to remind you of this when you arrive.

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Before, the gym was always a chore but I now attend 3 group sessions a week.

I really didn't expect to see a difference so quickly. Since joining 2 months ago I already feel so much fitter, stronger and more toned. Motivation has always been my weakness. I had a gym membership for a long time but after a long day at work found any excuse not to go, and when I did I never really pushed myself. Before, the gym was always a chore but I now attend 3 group sessions a week and really enjoy the variety of each one. Thank you Gemma, Hetti, Tiff (and Glenn!) for keeping me motivated and really pushing me in every session. The aches and pains are worth it! 

- - 5

My general fitness is increasing week on week, which is grand!

I'm hurtling at full speed into my 6th week training with Natalie and I can honestly say I have never ached more!!! I can now hold a plank for a minute and can do some of the most interesting burpees you will ever see!! But joking aside, I am learning every session about what I can do and how to improve. I feel the benefit and my general fitness is increasing week on week, which is grand!! Natalie is amazing; she's very encouraging and she makes me want to do better. I look forward to the next 6 weeks!!

- - 5

I feel in the best shape I have been in years.

Since starting my training with Gemma I have noticed a lot of changes. I am stronger and move about faster. Little things like cleaning and gardening at home are easier and it is a lot more enjoyable walking my brother's dog. In such a short time, the training sessions and small changes to my diet have made such a big difference to my everyday life. I have noticed my recovery after sessions is faster and I feel in the best shape I have been in years.

- - 5

It’s made me believe I can actually achieve things!

Since beginning my training, my fitness and strength have improved dramatically – but the main thing that has improved is my confidence. I have done an obstacle race and two 10k runs, which would have been my worst nightmare in the past. It’s made me believe I can actually achieve things! I do a 1-1 session and a group session and I love both. Thanks to Natalie and Gemma, I’m excited about fitness and keen to improve!

- - 5