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Training as a New Mum

As a new mum myself I now understand that difficulties of finding time for yourself and fitting in exercise. During the first few months, you are getting used to looking after a small human – the constant demands and lack of sleep means you don’t even have a chance to think about exercise. With your body changing and adapting, and your hormones going crazy, you can also easily pick up small injuries, ligament pain or backache.

As crazy as I am I tried getting straight back into exercise – as soon as I had the 6 week check up I went to my studio and had a workout. Over the next couple of weeks I realised my body wasn’t ready for the extra demands of intense exercise. Due to my hormones changing and the extra Relaxin in my body I found I had bad wrist pain (also known as baby wrist) to the point where it was hard to even lift or hold my baby. I then realised I had to stop doing exercise and rest my body; the most important thing was being able to look after and care for my baby. I still did lots of walking – in fact as my baby would only nap in her pram, I did so much walking! I honestly believe that is how I lost most of my baby weight. After a few weeks I started doing what exercise I could – admittingly it wasn’t much. You’d be surprised how many exercises involve your wrist. I also had a weak ankle (a previous injury made weaker presumably by the extra Relaxin in my body) so there was very little I could do; plank, sit ups, squats and lunges! It didn’t stop me from keeping active and I still did what I could. I refrained from playing hockey, which I have always enjoyed, as I could feel my body wasn’t ready for it.

Now my daughter is almost one and I can honestly say it has only been in the last couple months that I feel I have been able to train regularly and at a high intensity. My goal is to train three times a week. In the past it would have been more than that but with the extra demands of looking after a child, eating healthily, and running a business, I feel that three exercise sessions a week works for me right now, and I’ve actually been able to stick to this. As I am competitive with myself having this goal makes me go to the gym in the cold, dark winter nights when you feel exhausted! But I always come back feeling great. Not every workout is intense, I have started Pilates regularly which isn’t always an intense workout but you definitely still feel it. As my baby is getting older and heavier, I am feeling the strain in my lower back so stretching and strengthening my back is very important.

My top 5 tips for any new mums out there would be:

  • Start off walking – you will be surprised how much baby weight you can lose by walking while pushing a pram
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself in the first few months
  • Set a realistic but achievable goal
  • Try involving your baby in some home workouts – they will love watching you or being involved
  • Find what type of exercise works for you and give yourself some YOU time

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