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Tips on How to Stay Motivated

Categories: Motivation
Tags: Exercise


How do you stay motivated to exercise? Here are some tips from us.

  • Schedule
  • Prepare
  • Buddy-up
  • Accountability
  • Plan
  • Get help


Schedule a day and time in your diary that you are going to do some exercise and stick to it. That is the hardest bit!


Take your gym clothes out with you during the day so that you can go straight from work. It is very difficult to get the motivation to go out once you are home in the warmth. Or get up early and exercise first thing. Don't let it get put off.


Find an exercise buddy - if you have someone to do exercise with you then that is a great motivator. They will stop you bailing and it makes exercise more fun.


Tell other people what you are doing and when. The more people you tell, the easier it will be to stick to it.


If you are training by yourself, have a structured plan of what you are going to do. This will make your workout more effective. Don't lose precious time trying to work out what to do next.

Get Help

Our group training programs and personal training sessions are a great way to boost your motivation. They are on at set times, which means you know you will be there and you will always have other people around you to keep you accountable. Sometimes self-motivation just doesn't come naturally, so let us do the motivating for you!