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How to fit in Exercise around being a Full-Time Mum

Categories: Exercise

Now I am a mum I can understand the difficulties mums face when trying to juggle everything…. your job, looking after your children, keeping your house clean and tidy, cooking, and then trying to keep yourself fit and healthy which quite often is at the bottom of your list. At Kristy Ellis Personal Training we train a lot of working mums, and at the start of their programme, they always say to me that they never have any time for themselves anymore so this programme is something where they can focus on themselves. 

My daughter is 20 months and I manage to fit 3 exercise sessions in each week – being a personal trainer people think I train 5/6 days a week – fitting 3 exercise sessions in isn’t easy but I plan it into my week and make sure I stick to it. It is hard when the dark, cold evenings creep in and you feel so tired after a day at work and then putting your kids to bed, and then you have to try and find some energy for yourself. Here are 5 tips that help me to exercise once my child has gone to bed…

  • I book in an exercise class – this makes me go as it is booked and paid for so I don’t want to not turn up.
  • I meet a friend to train with at the gym or go to an exercise class – if you have a friend who you can train with it makes training more fun and you are more likely to go as you don’t want to let them down
  • I plan it into my diary and once it is written down, I don’t like to change my plans
  • I have a goal of 3 exercise sessions a week – I am quite determined and if I don’t do this, I feel like I have failed so setting yourself a goal could work for you
  • I plan my meals around my training – if I am training at 8pm, I make sure I have a meal already prepared (perhaps a batch cook I did the day before) so I can eat it early and not be hungry when I train